From Concept to Creation

The Aartvark Collective blends over 20 years of bespoke building and fine carpentry from Southern Africa & New Zealand; to the homes of Oxfordshire.  

Bespoke Building

We create beautiful and functional buildings that transform your space & home; from barn conversions, home extensions and renovations, to new builds and garden homes.

We pride ourselves on offering something outside the norm, inspired by our experience from around the world.

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General Carpentry

We offer a variety of services including; project design; project management and build; and interior carpentry.

We welcome exciting projects from people who want something unique- whether it be large or small… if you are looking for functional ART for your home & garden, get in touch.

Bespoke Furniture

The aARTvark Collective are an original design collective of master craftsman who have a passion for making one off hand-made pieces of furniture and woodwork.  

The 2018/2019 collective include artists Cobus Swart & Adi Arad Woodworking. Please visit the shop to see our products.

Inspired; Africa to Oxford


Throughout Cobus's career he has worked on and project managed various commercial and residential building projects.

Examples of Cobus’s portfolio include a five star holiday home in Mozambique; the E.O Wilson biodiversity centre in Gorangosa National park, and building luxury concrete homes in New Zealand. Now in Oxford, projects have included extensions, home renovations, and bespoke garden homes.

Being inspired in his environment, and working with his clients from concept to creation; every project is a journey, and guaranteed work of art.


For more photos of these projects, please go to our portfolio. For more information, get in touch!

When it came to looking for someone to help construct a few projects on our house, there are a choice of trades people willing to do the job, but Aartvark Collective help create your vision. Their strong creativity and open minded attitude was a breathe of fresh air and gave us the opportunity to achieve something that was bespoke and personal to our build. Their communication during the project was fantastic too and was key to making everything flow well, be on budget and planned timings were met. We will always use Aartvark collective for any future projects. They are hard working, extremely skilled and fantastic value.
— Marie and Vincent Jenkins
“When we decided to have a garden room built we looked around at off the shelf solutions and found them to be unimaginative and of low quality. The Aartvark Collective designed and built us a stylish room using top quality materials and we are delighted with the end result.”
— Andrew Knott

Get the aARTvark touch

Combining art and craftsmanship, and inspiration from around the world, the aARTvark Collective offer an extensive range of unique and high quality carpentry services. We pride ourselves on our beautiful craftsmanship, our excellent client relations, and good value service. 

Please go to our testimonials to hear more from our clients.

The aARTvarks recent projects have included a garage renovation, porch and decking, garden home, doors, bespoke kitchens and furniture & fittings. No job too big, or too small, and we are always looking for new and creative projects.

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Get in touch for a friendly chat about your plans and ideas  or to make an appointment, and get a free quote.


Home living from Aotearoa to Africa


Welcome to our 2019 collection of hand made furniture & functional ART.

Created by artists, and craftsmen Cobus Swart, and Adi Arad Woodworking, working together from the aARTvark workshop in Culham, Oxfordshire..


Cobus Swart

Cobus is an artist, specialising in one off, never to be made the same twice, beautifully crafted pieces of bespoke furniture. Or, how Cobus likes to call it, functional art. He want's his clients to love the piece like he does, to feel it, and to look at it from every corner and angle. And most importantly, to use the piece, and for it to make your family memories with you through generations.

Please go to our shop to see our full portfolio of furniture.

“We commissioned a table and bench from Cobus and we got two pieces of beautiful art! (still sturdy and usable as a table and bench for the family). They are both stunning pieces in their own right, built with various kinds of wood. The detail and design attest to Cobus’ technical and artistic woodworking craft.”
— Jan & Helen Macmullen

Adi Arad Woodworking

Adi Arad 

To see more from Adi, please visit his website here.

All items are AVAILABLE to buy, or order nationwide. Many items are one-offs, but if you see something you like, We love to work with our clients to help design & make it perfect for you.