New website, new logo, the aARTvarks are ready to go go go!


What to write what to write!!! Firstly, welcome to The aARTvark Collective! 

I thought I'd start by telling you where we got our name from. An Aardvark is a Southern African animal (surprisingly, as big as a small car bonnet), and comes across as genuinely calm, hard working animal, and all round nice chap. (Like Cobus!) In Afrikaans the translation is "earthpig". When thinking of our name we played around a bit and thought about calling ourselves "SwartVark"... being our surname... but we just couldn't stop laughing. So we are the African Artpig...aARTvark, and we are a collective of them... .including our dog Harry #aARTbark. 

It's fun, and can be tiring being an aartvark. Through this blog we will share our projects with you, along with the trials and tribulations, blood, sweat, laughter, and love that goes in to creating our business here in the UK. Thanks to those who will join us on this journey. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love people to get involved, share their art, ideas, inspirations; comment on our work, or just on how scruffy and cute Harry is. . 

Relaunching our company in the UK is the most exciting thing we have done in our lives, so we just want to say a huge thank you to all of those that have helped us get this far, so far. Our mums and pops, Meg, Julia, Robbo, especially to our Oxford family. You know who you are. You're all aARTvarks now!. : )

Love Cobus, Kate and Harry SwART.