aARTvarks bespoke furniture collection launched at Country File Live


The allusive aARTvarks and their amazing furniture creations were spotted at this years Country File Live. We decided to take up residency in the gardens of Blenheim palace and see if we could attract customers in to our wood delight lair.

The show was great, if not a little bit hot. We spent most of it in front of a fan hoping our Van Gogh dining table didn’t warp! It did a bit, but the many people (and dogs!… ) who visited us and chatted about our work made our days.

Everything you see is lovingly designed and made by Adi Arad Woodworking and Cobus Swart.

For more information on our furniture please visit our shop, or get in touch.

For items from Adi Arad Woodworking, please visit the website and get in touch.