A beautiful extension for a beautiful family home


We had already built a deck, door and porch for the Finch Jenkins family, so knew they were going to be the dream clients to build their dream extension for.

The vision was to extend the ground floor to create an entertainment area for them and their two young kids, to include a new kitchen and living space; and for us, a chance to show what we can do.

Over the few months it took to build, Cobus and Adi worked their magic alongside Marie and Vinnie designing, planning and building; from the foundations to the finishing touches, the dream extension was complete. and everyone just loves it.

The most distinctive features are all custom made by Cobus and Adi, including the bespoke windows, concrete kitchen work tops designed by Marie and took a whole day of polishing! Sliding doors that disappear in to the wall to create 1 or 2 rooms , and the huge dining table for about 20 children to sit around, be an office and for Marie to use to bake thousands of cakes for her business!

We listened to our clients and have exceeded all expectations. We absolutely LOVED making this extension.

Who’s next?